Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Reimagining your wellbeing

It’s been a tough year so far - and one that no one saw coming. Mental Health Awareness Week this year is about reimagining wellbeing – how can we look after ourselves and thrive right now and in the future.

Take some time to reflect and honestly reassess how you’re doing. Are the stresses and uncertainties of these times affecting your enjoyment of life?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • I’m feeling a bit stuck.
  • I’m finding it more difficult to cope than usual.
  • I’m  worrying too much.
  • I’m noticing changes in my sleep, eating or drinking patterns.
  • I don’t feel like I have enough support.
  • I haven’t been keeping in touch with others.

If you answer Yes to a number of them, you may find talking with a counsellor registered with NZAC can help you reimagine wellbeing for yourself and those you hold dear.

Search for a counsellor registered with NZAC here.