ACC Sensitive Claims Counselling

ACC integrated service for sensitive claims (ISSC) contract provides therapy to clients that have experienced sexual violence.

NZAC has many counsellors who are providers of therapy for clients who have experienced sexual assault.  Information will be added to this area for counsellors who are interested in this counselling work. 

Link to ACC:

National Executive ACC Portfolio Liaison

Gay Puketapu- Andrews

Email:, Phone: 022 606 2240

Jenny Manuera

Email:, Phone: 021 657 561

Miriama Tolo


ACC Portfolio Report November 2020

Jenny Manuera, Miriama Tolo, Gay Puketapu-Andrews – National Executive  Liaisons

He mihi nui  Ki a Koutou, E Nga Kai Whiriwhiri  O Aotearoa

The Mental Health Liaison Meeting (MHLM) was held on the Friday 11th September 2020 and the next meeting will be 4th December 2020 and important for members to advise of any issues they would like to make ACC aware of. Please contact one of the above National Executive Liaisons, contacts on ACC tab of NZAC website.

In terms of the Kaupapa Maori Pathway, that ACC is currently working on.  A working group has been put together and is planning to work on this shortly. Information will be disseminated as it becomes available. 

ACC is permitting the use of telehealth for contracted services out of the new ISSC Contract with Telehealth resources to be used and recognised as a valid work medium.  This will come into being on 24 November 2020.  Find support, is now updated and more simplified and designed for counsellors and clients to navigate their way around this, in a more efficient manner.

Rongoā Māori is now available within ACC and approved for therapists to request for their clients.

We continue to receive emails asking about different issues and comments about the ISSC contract, we will endeavour to advocate for members and answer questions. 

Again, please feel free to send any issues or matters, you would like us to take to our ACC meetings.

Our Mental Health Liason Group meetings are approximately every 3 months.

Look out for the new designed “Find Support” which went live Wednesday 25/11/20 and should assist clients to find us. You may need to update your details and put them in the new format, when they send out the process for this.

Finally, you will find on the website our contact emails of all the ACC Portfolio people to make contact with.

Ngā mihi