Communication Vlogs

Self-Regulation Vlog

Click on the vlog to view an update in self-regulation including the use of the word "registered": Self-Regulation 

The booklet referred to in the vlog is at:

Counsellor Education Committee Vlog

Click on the vlog to view an update on the Counsellor Education standards by Mandy Pentecost and Margaret Agee Counsellor Education standards


Support for public talks during Mental Health Awareness Week

Here is a vlog from Mandy Pentecost with ideas for giving a public talk: Mandy's Vlog


Young People and Counselling

Click on this vlog to see Bev Weber, NZAC President, speak about young people and mental health: Young People and Health


World Suicide Prevention Day: 10 September 2017

Click on this Vlog to see number of NZAC Member's speaking about emotional well-being: Keeping Yourself Well

If you need to find a counsellor go to: NZAC Counsellor Search