NZAC has developed ten competence areas for NZAC Counsellors:

Areas of Competence of Members - Awareness, Knowledge, Skills and Application

  1. Conceptual foundation e.g., theories of human development, cultural concepts, personality, mental unwellness, psychological distress, process of change, therapeutic models
  2. Self-awareness and self-examination
  3. Relationship – building and maintaining a therapeutic alliance
  4. Collaborative goal setting/ negotiating contracts with the intention to achieve improved well-being
  5. Areas of specialist knowledge, experience and practice
  6. Facilitation of change- interventions
  7. Evaluation of client progress and outcomes
  8. Cultural responsiveness- cultural concepts and application to practice
  9. Ethical principles and practice
  10. Other forms of Professional Practice e.g., supervision, group facilitation, training, teaching, management, research, service development, course design